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Lynn Gibbons' Story

Lynn Gibbons' Story

Choose An Attorney Who Has Walked In Your Shoes

In February of 2009, attorney Lynn Gibbons was driving her twins to elementary school at 8:15 in the morning. She was at the intersection of Park Boulevard and Oakhurst Road in Seminole, Florida when she turned left on a green arrow. Unfortunately, a busy real estate agent driving a mini-van did not notice that her light was red and plowed into the side of Lynn's SUV at over 40 miles per hour. The impact of the collision lifted the rear end of the vehicle off the ground and caused it to careen into a gas station parking lot at the corner of the intersection. As a result of the accident, Ms. Gibbons sustained a rotator cuff tear and a labrum tear in her right shoulder and four herniated discs in her spine. She had shoulder surgery in April of that year and underwent extensive physical therapy. Ms. Gibbons had to battle the defendant driver's insurance company and even her own insurance company to recover the damages she incurred as a result of this accident. Presently, she lives with pain from the herniated discs and limited range of motion every day. She has had to endure excruciating pain during recovery from her shoulder surgery, find time in an already overloaded schedule to attend physical therapy sessions three times per week, and live with limitations which interfered with her ability to care for her four children and actively participate in the busy life she enjoyed before the accident. Ms. Gibbons feels very strongly that the experiences she had as a result of this accident have helped her become a better advocate for the injury victims she is so passionate about representing. Sometimes in life, things happen for a reason. If you choose Ms. Gibbons to represent you in your personal injury, workers' compensation or social security disability claim, you will be hiring a lawyer who may have already walked a mile in your shoes.

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